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A little movement…

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If you look up the top of this lovely theme, you’ll see that I’m finally starting to build out this blog a little bit. I’ve added an ‘About’ page and one for my family (the Mullenwegs). Keep your eye on this spot for more updates…I don’t know when. I’m working on several projects at once, so that’s slowing me up, but I plan to have a scan-a-palooza this weekend, and maybe I’ll start to get some of those pictures and artifacts up here.
Do you have any suggestions, comments, or questions? Then email me for goodness sake! 🙂

Yours, CM


What on earth is this???

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Howdy, folks!

Trudy, Charlie and Bill Mullenweg

I had an epiphany in the car this morning: I decided that having a surname blog isn’t enough. I must have a place to vent about my general trials and tribulations as well as my victories in genealogy. A place where I can have side pages for my various surname projects as they come up, and where I can provide protected access (probably via a mixture of jpgs and Google documents) to those that I am doing projects for. This may take some crazy shapes in the next few months, or it may go nowhere, but its worth a try, right?

I am also inadvertently providing my uncle with a one-stop cure for his insomnia, but that’s another story 🙂

Holler if you have any ideas, suggestions or complaints, and lets see how this grows together!

(Photo provided by Cissie, many many moons ago, from her personal collection.  Please contact me before using any photos, thank you.)