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The Mullenweg Family

This will be the home for all the information on our family and the various branches within.  This is not entirely my own work, but I have worked hard to verify the individuals that are included, and have included the documentation that I’m working on here.

I have protected this area in deference to the living people that belong to these branches of my family, and out of respect for their privacy.  If you wish access to one or more of these surnames, you may feel free to email me and I will go about giving you access or helping you with your records request/verification/curiosity.  If I refuse you access, it  is only with these motives in mind; I may revisit the request if I find a better way to juggle this, or I may (as I mentioned before) just send you the documents pertaining to your area of inquiry.

Some of the surnames included are (in alphabetical order):

Barstow of New York and Texas.

Billingslea (Billingsley, Billingsly) of England, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, and Texas.  This family includes a great deal of documentation as it was used to apply for the Colonial Dames XVII Century, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Clesi of Armenia, Italy (particularly Sicily), Louisiana, and Texas.

Connell (Connelly, etc.) of Ireland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

Gates of Texas.

Hageney (Heageny, Hagney, etc.) of Canada, Ireland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Texas.

Hayes of ??? and Texas.

Hendricks (Heinrichs, etc.) of Prussia and Texas.

Hill of Connecticut, Indiana, New York, and Ohio.

Holliday of Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas.

Klingsberg of Austria and Louisiana.

Mullenweg (Muehlenweg, Mullenwig, Muhlenweg, etc.) of Prussia (particularly modern day France and Germany) and Texas.

Norwood of England, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. This family is growing in documentation as it will be used to for supplemental applications in the Colonial Dames XVII Century, and the Daughters of the American Revolution (at least).

Owen of ??? and Ohio.

Piazzioi of Italy and Louisiana.

Sherwood of Pennsylvania and Texas. This is the Billingslea branch of the Sherwood family, the modern intersection with Sherwood can be found in the Mullenweg family when I build it up.

Weinstein (Winestein, Winstien, etc.) of Austria, Louisiana, New York, and Russia.

Wright of South Carolina(?) and Texas

These surnames cover the first three generations – I will expand them as I do more work.


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